When should I drink FYLO?

Whenever you want! FYLO can be consumed before a big meal to prime digestion, after a meal to relieve GI discomfort or as a supplement to promote overall digestive system health.

What’s does FYLO mean?

FYLO is our take on the Greek word for leaf, fýllo.

What is in a shot of FYLO?

FYLO is a 2­oz, mint ­flavored digestion shot that was expertly formulated with a stimulating blend of herbs, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients to promote a wide range of digestive and other health benefits.

Why liquid?

FYLO’s blend of nutrients is absorbed quickest in liquid form — it bypasses your stomach’s mechanical processes. That means you get relief faster. Not to mention it tastes great and does a fantastic job of cleansing your palate!

Where can I buy FYLO?

FYLO is launching soon and will be available both online and at retail locations. Sign up with your email address below to receive news and updates.

How often can I consume FYLO?

We recommend taking up to two bottles a day around meal times and spaced out by several hours.

Does the FDA regulate FYLO?

Yes, the FDA regulates all dietary supplements, as well as the facilities in which they are manufactured.

Is FYLO gluten-free?

Yes, FYLO is gluten-free.

Is FYLO non-GMO?

Yes, FYLO is non-GMO.

Does FYLO contain soy?

No, FYLO is soy-free.

Does FYLO contain artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners?

No, FYLO contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. FYLO is sweetened naturally with a small amount of sugar.

Does FYLO contain caffeine?

No, FYLO does not contain caffeine.

Can I take FYLO is I am pregnant or nursing?

As with all supplements, we recommend that any person who is pregnant, nursing or taking medications to consult with their doctor before use.

Is FYLO manufactured in the USA?

Yes, FYLO is manufactured in the USA.

*If you have any further questions, email us info@drinkfylo.com.*