FYLO is a family company created out of a desire and a need for something better.

Like so many others, different members of our family struggle with digestive issues including everyday afflictions like heartburn and indigestion. We grew tired of the endless supply of ineffective and synthetic products that failed to effectively treat the issues, let alone the underlying causes.

FYLO was expertly formulated using natural ingredients to address many of the digestive issues we all face on a day-to-day basis.* For centuries, cultures around the world unlocked the power of bitter herbs, the active ingredients in FYLO, and our desire is to reintroduce them into our daily lives.

The name FYLO is our take on the ancient Greek word for leaf, fýllo, which we believe embodies the sentiment and simplicity of our product and brand.

We hope FYLO gives you the freedom to live, eat and embrace your life on your own terms, and remember when you do indulge, do so wisely!

Your Friends,